Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Common reading mistake

Something that I have even got caught in, is something really simple yet, makes a big impact on our reading ability. This really is helpful for the younger kids but can work miracles for older kids as well. Fluency. The ability to read smoothly without making very many mistakes. My son brings home a new book to read everyday and we were reading them. The thing that I should have worked on more was he's fluency. He would read, struggle a little, I would help him and we would get through it. We would then send it back and get a new book the next day. Well we should have been keeping those books until he could read them smoothly without any help, and get confident in his reading ability. You can do the same thing with older kids, yes even in chapter books. Have them read a page and then read it again, hopefully more fluent the second time. A great activity that would help your child to see there progression would be to keep a record of how many minutes they could read in a minute. Make a little bar graph and mark how much they read.  Then next time read the same passage and mark another bar graph next to the last and see the progression.

Help your kids become very fluent readers on the level they are on before moving to harder books. (applies more to younger kids K-2,3.  But remember to help them find books that they like when you are getting them yourselves.)

Happy reading