Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of the hardest things to do during the summer is set up a routine. I know, I'm there. I was going to be so good with my son and really help him with his reading and get that exploding beyond were he was. Well the summer is a third over and we haven't done very good. Yes we have done some work, but nothing like I wanted. its tough I know. So If you are having a hard time like me this might help, and yes you probably already know all about it. But It will work. Write out a plan, schedule and stick to it. Have your kids help with the plan they will be more likly to do it and help remind you about it. Don't stick it in some drawer. Stick it on the refrigerator. Why there? Well that is have some of the most traffic in your house, you will see it and remember.

Have a great summer.


Friday, June 11, 2010

kids off the Couch

Want some ideas that are not just reading. Well here are some multimedia ideas.

Kids Off The Heres what they have to say.

Kids Off The offers a free, weekly e-blast that takes what kids love -- good films, books, music and digital media -- and uses it to inspire family adventures. From art and architecture, to nature and sporting events, we connect families to each other and to the world.

kids off the

have fun

Thursday, June 10, 2010

do you want to learn more about how to help your child in their reading and help them during the summer. Well Reading Rockets just might be the place for you then.

summer reading web cast
parent tips
articles and research
book lists

Reading Rockets

have fun

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scholastic reading program

Scholastic has a real fun summer reading program. you ought to check it out.

this is what they say
To kick off summer reading 2010, Scholastic hosted a live book trivia game show featuring top children's authors competing in the Ultimate Author Showdown.
Watch the full game show video here.

have a blast


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Want to keep your kids active this summer well there are a ton of summer reading programs out there. I am going to share a few with you. So here is the First.

Barns and Noble has a reading program with an incentive for for kids.

Barns and Noble FREE BOOK program

have fun


Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer reading

OK it is summer (well for most of us, I know some have year round school.) the kid are out having fun and the last thing on any ones mind is learning. Well That may not be the best thing. While our kids are out for the summer,if they don't read they could fall a full grade level back. So if they end school with a 3.2 reading level, when school starts again in the fall they will be starting at a 2.2 reading level. Wow, that is a big deal. The good thing is that it does not have to be way structured. It shouldn't be, its summer. But reading can still be fun. My little boy is fighting me a little bit but we are still doing it. The other day we read some books under the trampoline. He is going into 1st grade and thinks things like that are great.

So remember to read and make it fun.
I guarantee that your public library has some great things going on. And Its FREE.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 minutes plus their age

I would like to share something that I wrote last year and then add a little more with some thoughts that I have.

 My son just is starting kindergarten and it is different to watch him grow up now and send him off to school. The past two days I have taken him to school and picked him up, what an experience. It really is good, kind of scary as well. today I walked him to the front doors and let him go to his classroom by himself. As well I have had the opportunity to watch my little girl while my wife is canning. This is also a great experience, pretty demanding though. What a great opportunity I have, I hope I don't take it for granted.

What I would like to share today is something that I have learned even more here in the last couple days, helping my little boy with homework. The attention span that children have. In school a good teacher should be changing their teaching technique or topic almost every 20 minutes. That is right almost every 20 minutes, and for young kids it is even more often than that. So when you are helping you child out with their homework at home done force them to do it for hours on end. You will get better results if they work really hard for 20 minutes take a break (even a 5 min. break) and then go back to working. This is for any child, even for ones that have no learning disability.

addition today
Ok lets up date this a little.  The attention span that your child has is about 4 minutes longer than their age.   4 yr old =8 minutes of focus    6yr old=10 minutes of focus.  this is really strong concentrating focus.   So if you are helping your kid with home work, or working with them through the summer, remember that their attention span isn't very long and changing directions will help.  This doesn't mean work for 10 minutes and take a break.  Have them read a book for ten minutes and then work on flash cards for a few.  You will get the hang of it and see how productive it is.