Friday, November 1, 2013

4's multiplication trick

The 4 Times Table

If you know how to double a number, this one is easy.

  • Simply, double a number and then double it again!

4 x 3 is      3 doubled = 6, then double 6 = 12,             4x3=12
                 2x3=6             6+6=12     (or 2x6=12)
4x5            2x5=10            10+10=20  (or 2x10=20)      4x5=20
4x7            2x7=14           14+14=28   (or 2x14=28)      4x7=28
4x12           2x12=24          24+24=48  (or 2x24=48)     4x12=48

if you think about it 2x2=4, that is why this works.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

6's multiplication trick

When multiplying 6's by even numbers they both end with the same number.
6x2=12, 6x4=24, 6x6=36, 6x8=48 6x10=60, 6x12=72, 6x14=84 and so on.

Monday, October 28, 2013

11's Multiplication tricks

There are two rules when multiplying by 11 (eleven).

The first 11 Times Rule:
This is for the numbers 1-9

When multiplying any single digit number by 11 you just write that number twice.

Multiply 11 by 3 to get 33, multiply 11 by 4 to get 44. Each number to 10 is just duplicated.

The second 11 Times Rule:
This is for any two digit number

You are going to take the two digits of your number add them together, and put the sum in between the two digits you started with.  
For example: if you take 11 x 18. Jot down 1 and 8 with a space between it. 1  8.
The sum of 1+8=9, do put the 9 in between the 1 and 8.
so you get 198. 

12 x 11            1    2     1+2=3            132       12 x 11=132
15 x 11            1    5     1+5=6            165       15 x 11=16511's

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Friday, October 25, 2013

9's Multiplication trick

So we need to learn our nines times tables.  Well here is a little trick that might help. 
  •  Hold your hands in front of you with your fingers spread out, your palm toward you.
  •  For whichever number you are multiplying by 9, count over that many fingers.  For 9 X 3 count from the left and bend your third finger (your left middle finger) down.  9 X 4 would be the fourth finger (left hand ring finger), 9 X 7 would be the 7th finger (ring finger on your right hand) etc.)
  • Now count the fingers that are up before the finger you bent over, that's your tens place, and the fingers up on the right side of your finger bent over is in the ones place.  For 3 X 9 you have 2 fingers in front of the bent finger and 7 after the bent finger. (7 X 9, you have 6 fingers in front of the bent finger and 3 after the bent finger.)
  • Thus the answer must be 27.  (Answer, 63)
This will work up to 9 X 10.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Multiplication, times table practice

So you want to have your students practice their times tables but need a way to do it? Here is 7 different ways to practice.  Someone who is just starting out may need 6-8 minutes or more.  But someone who is getting good should be pushing 5 mins.  Get your free math worksheets here.
Multiplication worksheets

Friday, August 16, 2013

First day of school jitters

There are normally a lot of jittery stomachs the first day of school.  New teacher, new class, new school.  There is an unknown in that.  And then for some students there is total readiness.  But in both cases there is feeling that students like and need.  A feeling that may not be there for the summer.  

It is the knowledge that there is structure.  They know what they are doing during the whole day.  They know what comes first then next and so on.  They know what is expected at school, and for the most part strive to to do.  There is a schedule posted, (hopefully, a good teacher would have one up) which brings comfort to the students.  

As I write this that might be why kids miss school during the summer.  They may not say it, but inside somewhere they do.  Even for us adults we like to know what is going on and when it is taking place.  Kids lose that structure during the summer, (for the most part.)  And more than likely don't have a schedule posted of their summer day.

Are kids ready for school to start?  Maybe more so than adults.  Structure is a big thing.  Just the other day I had a student tell me they were ready for school because of just this reason.  Structure


Friday, August 9, 2013

At the beginning again.

Here we are again.

So thinking about school and what the best thing to help us be prepared is: well from 4th and on (mostly 4th & 5th) is knowing the times table facts.

And READ. Read, read, read.

School is almost upon most of us, and if we haven't been having our kids read, now would be a good time to start.

Enjoy your last few days or weeks.