Friday, November 1, 2013

4's multiplication trick

The 4 Times Table

If you know how to double a number, this one is easy.

  • Simply, double a number and then double it again!

4 x 3 is      3 doubled = 6, then double 6 = 12,             4x3=12
                 2x3=6             6+6=12     (or 2x6=12)
4x5            2x5=10            10+10=20  (or 2x10=20)      4x5=20
4x7            2x7=14           14+14=28   (or 2x14=28)      4x7=28
4x12           2x12=24          24+24=48  (or 2x24=48)     4x12=48

if you think about it 2x2=4, that is why this works.

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